andy warhol: motion works

Exhibition design of Andy Warhol’s most prominent motion works for the Miller Institute of Contemporary Art at Carnegie Mellon University

Tasked with designing a pop-up exhibition featuring the work of Andy Warhol's, my goal was to integrate digital technology to enhance the visitor’s experience in ways that the Andy Warhol Museum is not currently doing, all in the space of CMU’s Miller ICA.

Fall 2018, 4 weeks

Interaction Design
Spatial Design
3D Prototyping


After a visit to the Warhol, I chose to design a exhibit centered on the juxtaposition of Andy Warhol’s early experimental film and the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, a series of shows hosted by Warhol in the 60s. Both works implored viewers to fill their visiting experiences with moments of introspection but utilized very different methods to do so.

Visitors are guided to these experiences, but given little introduction in order to maximize the intended experiences. In between, they are encouraged to draw connections between the two and by the end of their visit, guests are encouraged to visit the Andy Warhol museum to learn more.

Parti-Diagram of designed exhibition set in Miller ICA Floor 1


01/ Title Wall

An attendant at the front desk will greet entering visitors. To supplement the genuine factor of these experiences, little information will be given on the explicit contents of the exhibit. Instead, they will be encouraged to seek out the viewing booths and told the exhibit itself will guide them further. Descriptions will come to view after each experience.

02/ The Viewing Room

Many of Warhol’s early experimental films were radical explorations of stillness and time. The films highlight the smaller less conscious actions made by individuals from tapping fingers to awkward blinks. In order to fulfill this intimate experience, guests view the films in private viewing booths. Those who are waiting for a booth can learn more about Warhol’s films at the display case or description walls.

03/ The Viewing Booth

Proximity sensors within viewing booths signal films to automatically start or end and the outside curtain to open or close. To ensure privacy, the curtain will magnetically “lock” to the doorway after a visitor enters the booth. Visitors who wish to enter an in-session booth will meet a resistance when unfolding the curtain, reminding them that there is someone in the booth. When the viewer inside leaves, the curtains “unlock.”

04/ The Exploding Plastic Inevitable

The EPI was a series of events or shows hosted by Warhol that featured a multitude of mediums intent on creating an experience of pure sensory overload for attendees. Visitors were forced to much more than spectators, a theme continued from earlier film work. Warhol intended for viewers to disengage from the stimuli altogether, and once again allowing for a consciousness of individual perception. The exhibit mimics the show to the highest capacity with strobe lights, projected films, rotating images, and music blasting from speakers.

04/ Visit!

As visitors exit, they are reminded to visit the Andy Warhol Museum. An interactive screen provides information on the museum’s hours, admission, location, and events.


Created with Adobe Illustrator and CADtools.


Featured is the final physical model used throughout my process of planning this exhibit.

You can read more about this project (and see my super slick SketchUp model!) on my Medium. Look for posts that start with "F18: E2."