Uber health

A brand campaign aimed at introducing Uber Health as a critical tool for empowering people towards healthier lifestyles.

As Uber Health establishes itself as primary player in the healthcare industry, my team and I designed a brand experience campaign to help the company further expand its outreach. Awarded 5th place in the Brand X Challenge, a national experience design competition.

Spring 2019, 4 weeks

Brand Campaign Design
Environments Design
Experience Design

Jason Zhu,
Mimi Jiao,
Vicky Zhou


Uber Health is a B2B ride-hailing platform for healthcare. Available specifically to healthcare providers, it lets clinics, hospitals, rehab centers easily assign rides for their patients and clients from a centralized dashboard – without requiring that the rider even have the Uber app, or a smartphone.


“Opening doors to healthy living” recognizes the importance of care provided by doctors and introduces Uber Health as one of three main pillars that enable healthy living. By focusing on the elevation of healthy living in all aspects from products to habit-building experiences, we believe healthcare providers and riders will begin to view Uber Health as less of a service and more of a potential partner that shares similar goals in enabling people towards healthy lifestyles.


The Healthcare Provider Experience


Located at Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences and medical centers on the weekends, activation spaces will prompt healthcare providers to build health-themed gift sets for their patients. These sets embody the campaign message and through tangible means, reinforce the three pillars of healthy living: products, experiences, and most importantly, accessible healthcare.

01/ Product Block

Upon entering the space, providers move to the kiosks installed on the walls. At these kiosks, they will answer a series of questions in regards to the goals they hope their patients to achieve. From there, they will be presented with 5 recommended product kits. After choosing a kit, a block will be released from the kiosk, encoded with information regarding their chosen kit.

02/ Experience Block

At the interactive tables, providers can insert blocks of their choosing to learn about the various local Seattle experiences sponsored by Uber. Upon choosing, they can attach both blocks to start the formation of their Uber Health U.

03/ Uber Health Block

After choosing an experience, they will take a block from the green wall. By waving the block across the wall, they activate a subsequent wall animation allowing them to visualize the impact that a product like Uber Health could have on their community.

The Seattle Rider Experience


Located in downtown Seattle, where foot traffic entices many pop-up shops to open, riders will engage in an Uber Health experience aimed to reinforce the three pillars of healthy living. Due to predicted foot traffic and physical spread of the campaign, the three pillars will be digitalized via campaign microsite and Uber Health wallet app.

01/ Uber Health Block

Upon entering the space, they will be instructed to visit our campaign-specific website by scanning the given QR code. On this website, they will be given a brief introduction to Uber Health and will be instructed to move their phone towards the interactive map. Through this visualization, they will understand the advantages of using Uber Health in comparison to public transport.

02/ Product Block

The microsite will prompt the rider to answer a brief questionnaire about their health goals. After completion, they will be receive an Uber Health Wallet pass. This digital pass will unlock one of the many lockers in the back of the activation space that hold  products tailored to the rider's previous answers.

03/ Experience Block

An additional Uber Health pass will be given to riders, offering a free ticket to a related local Seattle experience, sponsored by Uber Health for the duration of the campaign. At the end of the event, attendees will be encouraged to take a picture of themselves at the event to share on social media with the reward of a free Uber ride.

Uber Block Visualization

Green circles, representative of various patients, dot the surrounding area of the Seattle Children's Hospital. Hospital shuttles follow a grey route, driving ever so slowly to pick them up for their appointment. When a visitor waves a green Uber block over a patient, a wave of nearby Uber cars come to the surface. Visitors then watch the familiar process of an driver being chosen for the rider and the subsequent drive to deliver the child to the hospital.