QV DATA visualizer

A set of data visualizers to support Pittsburgh's Quaker Valley High School's Self-Directed Learning curriculum. Students can review their skill-building progress based on trends in their documentation uploads. Funded by the National Science Foundation, as part of the Smart Spaces for Making research project.

Deployed in Quaker Valley for Spring 2021, we hope to learn how this augmented learning tool impacts student's skill development and documentation of it.
Time Frame —
Spring 2021,
1 week
Skills —
Data Visualization
Advisors —
Daragh Byrne,
Marti Louw
This timeline view allows students to review their uploaded documentation by date. Students can set date ranges to focus on specific periods of time as well as review uploaded documentation one by one.
Students can view their progress in practicing specific micro-credentials through a line-graph view. With each upload, the line of the micro-credential that was tagged to that documentation grows. By the end of the project, students can see which micro-credentials they exercised most.